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Intel NUC BOXNUC8I7BEKQA3 tietokone/työasema 8. sukupolven Intel® Core™ i7 i7-8559U 16 GB DDR4-SDRAM 512 GB SSD Musta Mini PC

Intel NUC BOXNUC8I7BEKQA3, 2,7 GHz, 8. sukupolven Intel® Core™ i7, i7-8559U, 16 GB, 512 GB, Windows 10 Home € 1.063,67 Intel


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Intel - Intel NUC BOXNUC8I7BEKQA3 tietokone/työasema 8. sukupolven Intel® Core™ i7 i7-8559U 16 GB DDR4-SDRAM 512 GB SSD Musta Mini PC
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Intel NUC BOXNUC8I7BEKQA3. Prosessorin taajuus: 2,7 GHz, Suoritinperhe: 8. sukupolven Intel® Core™ i7, Prosessorimalli: i7-8559U. Sisäinen muisti: 16 GB, Sisäisen muistin tyyppi: DDR4-SDRAM, Muistin kellotaajuus: 2400 MHz. Kokonaistallennuskapasiteetti: 512 GB, Tallennusmedia: SSD, Integroitu kortinlukija. Sisältyvän näytönohjaimen malli: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655. Käyttöjärjestelmä asennettu: Windows 10 Home, Käyttöjärjestelmän arkkitehtuuri: 64-bittinen. Alustatyyppi: Mini PC. Tuotetyyppi: Mini PC. Tuotteen väri: Musta

Intel® Core™ -suorittimet – Työskentele, pelaa ja luo nopeasti ja saumattomasti.\nEntistä nopeamman suorituskyvyn ansiosta ihmiset voivat keskittyä, luoda ja pitää yhteyttä entistä tehokkaammin.\nVaatimustason nostaminen yhteyksissä.\nVideoeditointi alle minuutissa.
Windows 10 offers more safety for your device, with features like Windows Hello and always-enabled free updates. Gamers experience best-in-class gameplay with Broadcast and Game Mode. And with built-in apps for 3D creation, photos, music, movies, maps and more - Windows 10 Home brings you more creativity and productivity than ever before.
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Integrated Audio for Today and Tomorrow\nA new specification for integrated audio, Intel® High Definition Audio (Intel® HD Audio) delivers the features and high-end performance of an add-in audio card while playing back more channels with improved quality. Intel HD Audio provides high-quality multi-channel audio experiences with new encoding and decoding algorithms to enhance the listening experience.
Add a new dimension to your viewing experience. Now you can play games and watch your favorite 3D movies with Blu-ray Stereo 3D playback using passive or active shutter 3D glasses. InTru™ 3D technology by Intel in association with Dreamworks delivers it all in 1080p full high-definition resolution on your TV over HDMI 1.4.

See the World More Vividly\nIntel® Clear Video HD Technology delivers cleaner, sharper images, more natural, accurate, and vivid colors. View images as they were meant to be seen on devices featuring Intel® Core™ processors with Intel® Graphics Technology.
Added Security with Faster Data Encryption\nThe Intel® Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions (Intel® AES-NI) enable fast and secure data encryption and decryption for better performance and less risk from timing and cache-based attacks than table-based software implementations. Intel AES-NI supports usages such as standard key lengths, standard modes of operation, and even some nonstandard or future variants.
Simplify Virtualization and Reduce Overheads\nIntel® Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT) helps make virtualization practical by eliminating performance overheads, reducing complexity, and improving security with hardware assistance. Virtualization allows multiple workloads to share a common set of resources so that a variety of workloads can co-locate while maintaining full isolation from each other.
Enable a Secure Trust Element for Windows 8\nIntel® Platform Trust technology (Intel® PTT) is a function of the Intel® Management Engine for ultra-low TDP (ULT) platforms and Windows 8 that enables credential storage and key management while supporting trusted platform module secure and measured boot and commands.